Well drills

Solar powered plunger

Solar water pumps are currently the future of agriculture and a number of other uses.

Where they can be easily used for agricultural irrigation, drinking water, livestock development and others

Solar water pumping is easy, especially in areas where electricity is low or expensive

Solar water pumps have been approved by many governments and companies

Which is engaged in agriculture and other worldwide

This system consists of solar panels, water pump, sensors for water spills and other accessories.

If you are using diesel or general water pumps with high operating costs,

Your use of the solar water pump is the right solution for all your water supply needs.

Advantages of our solar water pump

Efficiency in price: high price efficiency for lack of need to use batteries and low maintenance cost.

Long lifespan: The life of solar panels is 20 years and thus pumping free water for more than 15 years.

Long lift: up to 300 meters deep.